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Talking about Weight Routines in the Gym , Yesterday I had an argument with a tough guy in migimnasio because he insisted that you have to train like a bodybuilder if you want to become a bodybuilder!!"
Sounds like this guy is saying algological., truth?
How do I know?? Read the following quote:
When my classmates tell you it costs more than $25,000 prepare for a great competition with routines in the gymnastics , Do you think they are talking about pasta??"
– Wayne Demilia, President of the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB, porsus acronym in English)
Quoted in the New York Times, May 13, 2001
Consider a professional bodybuilder who participates in four exhibits and spends up to $100,000 (Usd) a year on steroids but that's not what sparked the discussion. I'll tell you how it happened after I openly destroyed this popular bodybuilding myth.:
The Advice of the Professional Bodybuilder Is STEALING 90% of the muscle gains you should be getting
Do you find this hard to swallow??
I did, for a long time too.
The HARSH REALITY reminded me of the veracity of this statement when I came across one of the hardest working types in my gym., Tom,which turns out to be also one of the weakest and weakest:Tom came up to me and said:
I'm tired of my friends making fun of me and making me feel like they can kick my ass anytime they want.. It is a VERY EXPENSIVE SENSATION, especially when they tell me 'little friend’ around the girls. My improvement tried to sympathize with me by saying, 'Notodos are meant to be large and strong.’ The comments are endless Ido feeling weak and helpless when in the barun someone bigger than me is being acretin when he is near me of misnovias."
Tom's problem got WORSE when he told me:
I'm even taking some bodybuilding supplements spending my hard-earned money and sweating the fat drop in the gym following the tips of bodybuilding magazines and progressing really slowly.. After a few months I look exactly the same as the mesanterior and you wouldn't even guess that I go algimnasio and take supplements!!"
Tom was looking for the answers to having a muscular body in the wrong places..
It reminded me of my early days lifting weights in the gym.:
Slow progress like a snail. Frustration.Waste of money and time. Nothing to show in exchange for my efforts.
Fortunately, my Savior of the Skinny Types,the former natural bodybuilder physicist I recently teased is the same one who openly unmasked the industry and devalued
the #1 mistake you MUST avoid:
Muscle Error #1:
Train Like a Bodybuilder To See YouLike A Bodybuilder"
This is the message that the world of bodybuilding shouts to the rest of the world and on the surfaceit sounds perfectly logical.. However, messages like this disorient millions of people to carry out irresponsible and meaningless training that has infiltrated their minds..
Professional bodybuilders do training that could kill a gorilla, without importing the average rate. The number of series and repetitions they do and the number of times they train per week is RIDICULOUS, and will only wreak havoc on their bodies.
I remember hearing two bodybuilders laughing animatedly" in the dresser as they rejoiced about their new addiction.:
I love steroids. I can eat chips and crouts and still stay marked and get bigger!!"Safe, were exaggerating but the truth is thatNON TRAINING PROGRAM AND NO DIET will work if you are using large amounts of drugs. Steroids can mask anything you're doing wrong.
The Truth Around BodybuildersProfessionals
The Truth is that imitating the training of champion bodybuilders is one of the most expensive frauds in the world of exercise!Because knowledge coming from elite bodybuilders has no practical relevance to average people like you and me..
People who lack privileged genetic potential and don't want to have scarring from syringes on our butts or liver damage from steroid pills.
Not without first mentioning addiction and dependence. This training tip is useless, but it will cause overtraining, injuries and illnesses.
The magazines that share the trainings of professional bodybuilders will not tell you that these drugs and genetics were responsible for curing their problem of being skinny and small.. They say they are the supplements and better training". Please!
That's why I wrote my book.,Bodybuilding Without Nonsense: Secrets Of A Skinny Guy To Gain A Muscle Of Madness That You Can Pick Up In
I am like you.
You and I need to follow a different set of rules.
I didn't have the luxury of having unlimited recovery skills nor did I have any interest in getting addicted to steroids losing control of my training and diet allowing drugs to do all the work..
You and I need to get the most out of EACH repetition and EVERY series and DKAtraining. We have to go to the gym to start the growth in our muscles" and then go out so that we can eat and start growing..
Click on the link below if you are ready to experience some growth
Oh, yes, I promised to tell you the discussion I had with the tough guy. Not bad, had to do with the same information I just shared with you.
I noticed that he was following the 6-day training of the Bodybuilder Professional of Flex magazine, when asked: What do you think of this program??"
I told him: I think it will work on the guys who use drugs and it will cause you to lose muscle if you don't use drugs."
He wasn't really interested in my opinion. I just wanted him to validate the belief that he should train as a bodybuilder to become a bodybuilder..
(Another lesson: You can't help people who don't want to help themselves).
It's a HUGE mistake as you now know.
I had to clarify it because I really feel passion for those who struggle to develop muscle.:Friend, you don't gain muscle mass while training; you gain muscle mass while you're at home sleeping and eating.
That program will put you in a state of overtraining as you do more than your body can handle or recover from, therefore you are going to verigualito the next time I see you!
See you soon.
PS. The story of the so-called bodybuilder" is a sad story... I really hope you don't experience the same devastating result as Tom...
P.P.S.. I just received this email from Paul from Dallas, Texas, a user of myprogram Bodybuilding Without Nonsense:
I started your program on May 4, 2009 with The Upside Down Training (EAR). I am currently in week 7 of the 29-week training program for beginners – THE RESULTS HAVE BEEN IMMEDIATE AND DRAMATIC!!!
From when I started with the EAR until today, I have gained 11 kilos (12 weeks). I'm not sure exactly what the muscle-to-fat ratio is and I don't really care because I look great. Also many people have noticed my progress.
A friend who had not seen in a few months medijo Santa $#% friend, you're huge!". Another friend I hadn't seen in a month told me that he saw me as the Incredible Man "and it seemed like I had burst." Best of all is the attention I get from other love interests in bars and clubs., mivida has really changed in that aspect..
And that I've only been doing this for 7 weeks., Imagine how things will be in week 29!Feel free to use this in your website.
Please only use my name, Paul, and mylocation, Dallas, Texas.
Thank you for changing my life." Get the same system Paul is following as soon as possible
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Professional gym machines

In the Shop of gym machines You'll find a wide variety of expert products for gyms of leading brands in the area of fitness and training useable. In our sample, you can find equipment for Cardio CrossTraining, Useful training, Oars, Multifunctional stations, Free weight and bicycles.

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If you are one of those who likes to run but it gives laziness go out, more than anything else in winter, then you need a treadmill in your gym at home. The treadmills have become popular fitness machine to carry out cardio. That if run on the tape is not similar to run on the street at all, but it can guide you to make better your running technique. I therefore think that it is a basic, if you wish to have the most remarkable gym around the world at home.

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Cufflinks are a piece of equipment used in weight training, is a type of free weight. You can use them individually or in pairs (one in each hand). Cufflinks has different sizes in functionality of the weight that you want to work, Therefore it is an ideal accessory to expand calcerous weight loads. They are special for the advancement of the force, muscle toning, core training and rehabilitation. They attend to sustain the stability of the body and are very ergonomic. There are immensity of exercises that you can perform with them, but more than anything, is used to work the muscles of the arms, chest and back.

Professional fitness equipment, Gym machines

Cardio machines are to fitness devices, with a recurrent use, they attend do better fitness and health. You have the possibility of finding a gym or sports centre and there are different types, from rowing machines, treadmills, quiescent bicycles, elliptical, reclining and spinning or indoor cycling, to aqua fitness machines, vibratory interfaces, Steppers or ping-pong tables.

Buy cufflinks

Cufflinks are a piece of equipment used in weight training, is a type of free weight. You can use them individually or in pairs (one in each hand). Cufflinks has different sizes in functionality of the weight that you want to work, Therefore it is an ideal accessory to expand calcerous weight loads. They are special for the advancement of the force, muscle toning, core training and rehabilitation. They attend to sustain the stability of the body and are very ergonomic. There are immensity of exercises that you can perform with them, but more than anything, is used to work the muscles of the arms, chest and back.

Ankle and wrist weights

Other accessory ideal to integrate in your workout routine and who do not have the possibility of missing in your gym at home are the weights or ballasts to ankles and wrists. On the other hand there are also adjustable dumbbells, they are adjustable dumbbells with different weights in a single product. They will allow you to gain space and efficiency, These cufflinks can change quickly the weight making do training practices much more functional. In the same way as normal cufflinks they attend you work force, muscle toning, core training and rehabilitation.

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The TRX training or also popular as suspension training, became very popular in previous years. We're talking about a kit with some very sturdy tapes that you have to anchor somewhere safe as a trellis, a tree, a 2 door,10-2,75 meters above the ground. Always choose sturdy fucking anchors for your safety and that manage to withstand the weight of your body. Training with TRX has quite a lot of benefit since it is a very complete physical education that makes it easier for you to train your whole body, boosting your muscle strength and doing functional exercises of all kinds. Gaining elasticity, synchronization and mobility. You can do quite a few different exercises, but before this I suggest that you investigate really well what you can and can not carry out and that even you check before with a personal trainer so you Middle East.

Buy Stepper

The stepper is a small electronic fitness with that train in a kind of step that will allow you to carry out different exercises. Train with a stepper objectives are primarily work the cardiovascular system and aerobic fitness gaining resistance. While the muscular system work with the stepper, It offers easy you slimming and toning more than anything, the lower part of body. It is an electronic help to shape your figure, It takes up little space in the home and you have to include it in your gym at home. In addition you will be able to even take it with you travel, something that won't have the chance to perform with other fitness machines.

Buy a cardio machine

Have a reduced Fitness at home or an electronic cardiovascular gives you great peace of mind and independence of training, because you can use the machine and work your muscle groups whenever you want, at the correct moments to make body workout (When you get up, before eating food or at night before going to bed), and without the need to move to another Center or depending upon weather or a schedule. If your purpose is to develop muscle mass; toning and muscle mass increase, before that nothing must understand what part of the body you want to develop: whole body? The upper part of the body?? The lower part of the body?? The abdominal waist? For a full-body work, you have to guide you towards a elliptical bike, treadmill or a paddle. For the lower part of the body, Choose a static or elliptical bike.

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The elliptical bike is surely another machine you saw in all gyms since it is impeccable to work the whole body. We're talking about a fitness machine made up of two bases where you have to locate your feet, plus two hand grips that will be for you to hold your arms in motion while you're practicing exercise. The elliptical is formed by a succession of pulleys and bearings that develop a dampened motion that will prevent the finding that takes place against the ground when you are on it moving. It makes it easy for you to work both the upper and lower trains, in addition to being able to raise the resistance for a greater effort and profit from your training with it.